Avg vpn review

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Basically, AVG is an antivirus provider but they are also offering VPN as a separate application for all the major devices and operating systems include Windows, iOS and Android.

In this article, “AVG VPN review” we shall take a look at their features that are necessary for anonymous browsing and users data protection.

Before taking a deep dive of AVG VPN pros and cons, I would like to tell a bit about its features. As AVG is basically an antivirus provider so it’s VPN is also virus and malware free. It’s VPN also has a focus to keep its users safe from suspicious websites.

Its cons includes slow speed and no clear policy about log files. Only s few servers support Netflix and torrenting.

Now let’s explore each point so that you can understand clearly.


No Virus and Malware

As AVG is a major player in the market of virtual security so, it’s VPN is also safe and well protected from virus and malware.

No DNS or IP Leak

AVG VPN does not leak and this is a good point. A good VPN provides protection against IP leak. AVG VPN is secure, private and encrypted. This feature especially helps those who use public Wi-Fi.

Easy to Use Applications

Their app is available for Windows and Mac which is easy to use. They also offer 30 days trial so that you can test their services.

With one click, you can connect with most optimizes server. You are also allowed to manually choose the server of any available locations.

AVG VPN Locations

AVG VPN has 20+ servers from 50 countries. Simply your nearest server and location will work best for you.

Number of Devices

With AVG VPN, you can connect up to 5 devices at once. You can use it on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices under the same account.

User-Friendly Support

AVG provides excellent users support with live chat, email and community support.


Slow Speed

AVG VPN is very slow and speed reduces 40 to 60% after connection. Even the most optimized servers are slower.

We tested AVG VPN with different servers but the result for each was almost similar.

EU server was the fastest server with 40% speed reduction while the New York and London servers reduced the speed of more than 80%. Based on the speed, AVG VPN is not a good choice.

Logging Policy

AVG VPN logging policy is not user-friendly. They are very clear about log files and says that we collect and store users activities for 2 – 3 months.

They say that we want to make sure that someone is not attempting any illegal act by using their VPN. Here the choice is yours. Think yourself, do you want to collect them your online activities or not.

Netflix Access

All of the AVG VPN servers do not support Netflix. Only North America and Japan servers work. So, it is not a good choice if you are looking VPN to access Netflix any other country’s library.


Above were the pros and cons of AVG VPN. After reading it, you can decide that it is not a good VPN as it’s speed is slower, servers are less and only a few servers support Netflix. Except for, they also collect uses data.