adobe incopy

What is Adobe InCopy and how to use it?

A text editor is an indispensable program for people who work with text. In this article, we will consider the functionality of the Adobe InCopy editor.

What is Adobe InCopy?

Recently, in various organizations to increase productivity, electronic document management is being actively introduced. In these conditions, the role of computers in the field of text processing is growing. General-purpose applications, such as text editors, are used to process textual information. These programs allow you to create, edit, format, save and print documents. Text editors are divided according to their functionality.

Adobe is software that allows you to create, edit, and store various types of files. Adobe InCopy is a software product for editors and professional content authors that integrate tightly with Adobe InDesign. With the help of this software, the user will be able to organize a parallel workflow for the designer and the editor, getting an exact match of the text and page layouts and meeting the deadline for the finished material.

Benefits of Adobe InCopy

There are the following advantages of the Adobe InCopy service:

  • Increased productivity. Enhanced InDesign features dramatically speed up and simplify your workflow. With support for 64-bit computing, the entire amount of RAM is used even more efficiently. Printing and exporting PDF and INX files is significantly faster and more reliable.
  • Modern interface. New InDesign interface to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator interfaces, making it easier to work in multiple Adobe applications at the same time. You can change the brightness and contrast of the interface to display page layouts clearly.
  • High resolution and Retina display support. From text to complex art projects, every element of your InDesign project renders better with support for high-resolution Retina displays.
  • Synchronization of fonts. With the ever-expanding Adobe Typekit font library, you can quickly find the font you want, sync it with your system, and start using it right away.
  • Search and filter fonts. It is enough to enter a font style in the search bar, for example, “bold” or “italic”, the name of the font family, or part of the name of the font. Only those search results that match the parameters will be displayed.
  • Instant font preview. Professionals can instantly select a variety of fronts for their layout, use the arrow keys to navigate through the fonts. Having decided on the choice, you need to press the name of the font or the Enter key to apply the selected font to the text.
  • Selected fonts. The program allows you to place your favorite fonts as favorites, and then choose to display the complete list of fonts or only selected fonts.
  • Generating a QR code. With InDesign, you can create high-definition vector QR codes, resize them while maintaining high quality, and copy them into other applications such as Illustrator. The QR code is easy to modify right in InDesign at any stage of the design.
  • Exchange projects in the cloud. By choosing the “Save to Cloud” command, the user ensures that the project files (including layers) are available from any computer and at any time. Colleagues, clients, and partners can work with these files. All changes are tracked, and previous versions of documents remain available.
  • Adobe InCopy CC helps editors, writers, and designers work on the same documents at the same time without having to re-edit and save changes made by each user.
  • With support for Retina displays, new quick font search methods, and other enhancements and new features, Adobe InCopy is ideal for large projects that involve many text and graphics professionals.