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The number of antivirus applications that are available in the market at present is very high and thus choosing between them can be a cumbersome job for someone who does not have any knowledge about the antivirus application. This guide is to help such people who want to know more about the Total AV antivirus.

In this article, we will discuss the Total AV Reviews and see how it performs on different fronts along with the pros and cons of the antivirus solution. We will discuss its reliability, ease of use, pros and cons and support.


If you don’t know, Total AV is a new entrant in the antivirus industry and thus is not perfect. There is still room for improvement for the antivirus solution. That being said, it works great and does its job in the background silently without interfering with your daily routine. It runs scan in the background, at the same time when you are doing your work.

It keeps on looking for anything that is affecting the performance of your computer and ensures that it works with faster speed. It optimizes your system and provides more space for storage. In addition to this, there is a VPN which offers privacy and anonymity on the internet and keeps your identity secure.

Ease of Use

The antivirus solution is one of the most user-friendly software that is available in the market at present. The entire process related to download and installation of the software is simple and can be done with relative ease. The interface of the antivirus is crisp and clear and ensures that all functionalities are just a click or two away.

It is simple to use and provides great graphics that offers information about the performance and safety of the system.

Pros and Cons


Though you do not get many advanced features with the free version, it is still capable enough to detect and remove all the malware designed to infect your PC. The antivirus solution removes the duplicate files without letting you know, thus increasing the performance of your system. It can be used on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The Cleanup feature ensures that the computer remains in a healthy state.


The Web Shield feature of the antivirus solution only works on Chrome and Firefox browser. Also, the Mac version of the antivirus isn’t as good as the Windows version. And you can only make use of the antivirus solution on up to 5 devices.

Customer Support

The services offered by the customer support team is excellent and comes with great knowledge. You can use their FAQ and resources page to get an answer for all the questions or reach out to them using their email or phone number.