Scanguard Review

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The issue of protecting a computer from viruses will be actual for a long time. Currently, almost every PC can be hit by adware, malware, add-ons, and other types of online danger, nothing to say about viruses and harmful software. The market for advanced antiviruses has both popular products and quite new. Scanguard is among the last ones and can be regarded as the advanced cyber-city security solution for PC. However, one has to be aware of most details before making a final decision, and we hope this Scanguard review will help in it.

Why are Antiviruses important during online actions?

Even though people are reducing their needs of downloading files and software that can bring threats via viruses, the issue of security is still actual. Almost every online transaction or even just browsing can hide potential danger. People have to worry about online safety as many financial actions are made via digital devices and issues of protection login IDs, passwords, card numbers, and more have to be in the first place. Moreover, problems can appear after simple viewing websites as hackers know how to reach sensitive data. Despite the fact that security solutions are broad, individuals and even huge corporations can face the problem of loss of secret and personal information. All this means that a new generation of antiviruses have to deal with many online hazards and ScanGuard is among the best solutions.

Variety of functions

ScanGuard protects PC not only from all types of viruses, adware, and malware, it also presents several additional functions:

  1. VPN security. That is another way to protect a computer and personal data. It usually changed IP-address and hides the real location of the user. Such a tool helps to protect a machine from spying and allows reaching services from other countries that can be unavailable in the user’s one.
  2. One account for several devices. ScanGuard is available on several platforms, including smartphone developers, PC, and tablets. It can be a perfect security solution for the whole family as it protects up to three devices at no extra cost. It even detects dormant malware that is built-in into a PC or mobile gadget.
  3. Optimization tool. Currently, along with protection service, SecureGuard also contains PC cleaning and optimization function, which facilitates the working speed of PC. Furthermore, it can help in cleaning memory from temporary files or distracting apps that left too many errors.
  4. Strong firewall. This protection function has already become a default one, but standard settings can be overcome by swindlers. It forced most of the antivirus producers to pay attention to this item, and ScanGuard developed double protection at one of the first security levels.

Other common advantages

The pricing policy of Scanguard is an attractive one as much lower compared to authoritative competitors. The presence of diverse additional functions that usually can be bought additionally (like VPN) even reduces the overall cost.

Customer support is another function that is organized at a high level by ScanGuard. In terms of security, most questions require fast answers and help, which can get via email, phone, and live chat, while a broad knowledge base contains most of the needed information.

Any disadvantages?

Unfortunately, some drawbacks were defined while testing Scanguard. Among the first is a lack of free trial period and money-back guarantee. Of course, there is a free limited version, but some people prefer to use all functions before buying a digital product. Another shortcoming is related to collecting and saving all the activity data, which one can regard as disrespect to privacy. However, those drawbacks someone can consider as unimportant and stop his choice on Scanguard.