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Best VPN for Android

Express VPN:

When you are connected to a public Wi-Fi through your mobile, you are inviting troubles for your mobile data. Your mobile data is vulnerable to attacks. You have to be very care full in such matters. In such case VPN is your best friend on Android. Now the question arises, “which is the best VPN for my Android Phone?” There are multiple options. You will have to choose according to your use and budgets. Some best vpn for android are free too. But the features they offer may be limited. You have to consider multiple aspects before choosing a VPN. These aspects are as follows:

  1. Number of servers
  2. Number of locations for servers
  3. Security/Privacy Policy
  4. the country it is based in
  5. Cost

To facilitate you we are providing you core values and facilities of Android VPN.

Express VPN has multiple features to offer to its users. It has dedicated user-friendly app with lots of advanced features. It has an excellent location picker.


  1. It is user friendly
  2. Fast speed
  3. Apps with advanced features
  4. Specifically designed for Android App
  5. AES 256-bit encryption


  • Unfortunately, it is missing kill switch
  • Cost is slightly high

Express VPN assures quality apps for a wide range of devices. Android is no exception. The Android app provides access to high speed servers across 94 countries. It is compatible across phones, tablets, Kindles and Android TV boxes. Good news is, right now it is offering 49% discount on its annual subscription.


It has 3000+ number of servers in 160 locations around the world. It provides 30,000 IP addresses and maximum number of devices to support is five.

User Friendly set up:

After signing up for an Express VPN subscription, the website will provide instructions to install the app on your device (usually via Google Play or through an APK file).

Customer Support

The website also features a wide array of handy content and video guides on using their apps, as well as 24/7 customer support by live chat in case you run into any issues. The 30-day money-back guarantee lets you test Express with reassurance and there is a free 7-day trial.




12 Months


9 Months


Month to Month


 Express VPN is providing extra three months free with annual plan.

Security and Privacy:

Express VPN is one of the best security VPN in the market. Its security features go as:

  1. Express VPN works on RAM. Each time you reboot the data is cleaned.
  2. Express VPN reduces the data risk with not to write to the hard drive rule.
  3. With each start up the whole software-stack is reinstalled on server.

Usually, all data is over written on hard drives in other VPNs. On the contrary, Express VPN, maintaining speed, over writes its data on RAM and every time you log in, data is automatically removed from the RAM. Thus its trusted server is risk free.