Best Dog Backpack 2019

Best Dog Backpack 2019

We made a brief review to help you to choose the best dog backpack carrier for your fellow.

Types of the dog backpacks and carriers

Carrier manufacturers select solutions with care so that your pet can feel comfortable with you while you travel. Modern pet stores offer several types of transfers.

Soft textile bag

Soft textile bags have built-in frames or frames. They are convenient in that they allow air to pass through, comfortable and light. To check the quality, press on the bag, with good material, it will return to its original shape. Also, do not forget to carefully inspect the seams for strength and integrity. Check the nets on the inspection windows to see if they are of high enough quality. The presence of a pocket on the outside of the textile backpack and/or built-in fabric partitions (for the possibility of transporting two small dogs at the same time) is a pleasant bonus to purchase. Features and qualities of the soft bags. Pros:

  • Lightweight;
  • Two pairs of handles that allow you to carry the bag in your hand and over your shoulder;
  • Ability to store folded.


  • Lack of a strong frame
  • Wetness
  • Fast wear

Dog Baskets

Carrying in the form of a basket of wicker material looks more durable and reliable. Such a carry would be well suited for a small dog, such as a Pekingese or Chihuahua. But this kind has its drawbacks. Let’s look at which ones. Pros:

  • The wicker basket has solid walls;
  • Made of natural material;
  • A lightweight.


  • Natural material easily absorbs liquids;
  • May retain odors for a long time;
  • The wicker bag cannot be washed because the material doesn’t tolerate water.

Dog Carrying Backpack

A backpack is a very convenient means for transporting a dog to keep hands free. Owners of such items find backpacks comfortable. A pet may also like a backpack if it’s comfortable and spacious enough for a dog. So, the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a backpack for a dog. Pros:

  • it’s convenient to carry the backpack in transport, just putting it on your lap.
  • A backpack is often equipped with wheels that turn it into a mobile trolley;
  • You have free hands.

Plastic box

The plastic bag is a large box made of hard materials. This type of carrying is preferred by many owners of small dogs. Plastic carrying for dogs has its advantages:

  • unlimited service life;
  • the product is easy to clean and dry;
  • a tough container gives the dog or puppy a greater sense of security because it protects it from accidental contact.

But the plastic carry for the dog has a minus, which you should consider:

  • the plastic box is bulky and difficult to transport;
  • when you are traveling in a bus, there’s nowhere to put it or you’ll have to look for a place.

But in some cases, plastic bags for dogs are needed – for example, on air travel.

Carrying cage

Small dog cages provide good visibility for the animal. Also, the owner will be able to observe the behavior of the dog, will be able to calm and talk with his furry friend, if it’s nervous. Pros:

  • design reliability;
  • breathability;
  • the ability to take the cage with you even to transport (provided that it’s closed);
  • ability to leave the cage in the luggage compartment;
  • the cage is easy to clean;
  • resistance to deformation.


  • it’s undesirable to wear a cage in rainy weather, otherwise, the pet will be wet.
  • when carried in hot weather, overheating may occur.

It’s up to you, given your travel distance, weight, and your pet’s preferences.